Lion Kaushal joined the Lions Club of Biyagama North in 2007 as a Charter Member. After serving on the Board of Directors for 3 consecutive years, he became the Club President in 2010/2011. Thereafter, he held several District Cabinet positions before becoming the Cabinet Treasurer in 2016/2017. He held the position of Committee Chairperson/Environment in the years of 2017/18 and 2018/19.



Lion Kaushal became the :
Most Outstanding Club President in 2010/2011
• Outstanding Zone Chairperson – Gold Award in 2011/2012
• Most Outstanding Region Chairperson – 2nd Runner Up in 2012/2013
• Most Outstanding Leo Adviser in 2015/2016 and First Runner-up in 2016/2017
• Most Outstanding District Chairperson in 2017/18 and 2018/19


Lion Kaushal has received International President’s Certificates of Appreciation in 2014/15, 2017/18, 2018/19 and several other awards at District and Multiple Level.

Lion Kaushal is a Fellow of Plastics and Rubber Institute and the Chartered Management Institute of Sri Lanka and holds MBA from India. Currently
he is the President of the Plastic and Rubber Institute and the Chartered Management Institute of Sri Lanka.


Lion Kaushal started his career as a Management Trainee at Korea Ceylon Footwear Co. Ltd and have served in the Tire industry and left the Private Sector while he was holding the position of Director General Manager at Loadstar (Pvt.) Ltd and , and served in the public sector in 2005 at the Task Force for Rebuilding the Nation [TAFREN] assisting in Tsunami reconstruction.

Since 2007 Lion Kaushal is into his own business of exporting industrial and post-consumer waste. Lion Kaushal is also into leisure boat chartering and building industry serving as a Board Director of Sail Lanka Yachting Group.


Lion Kaushal hails from Kelaniya. He is an old boy of Ananda College, Colombo. He is married to Lion Shiranee who was a Banker.