Having been inducted into the Lions Club of Colombo City in 1998, marks 22 years of active service as a lion for Lion Gratien Fernando. Being inducted into a 100% MJF club he too became an active MJF fellow in December 1998. He played several vital roles in the club such as Membership Chairperson, Director, Treasurer and was instrumental in instilling the spirit of service above self, in the club and community before he first became president of the club in 2002 where he carried out several key landmark projects such as Computer Centres, Libraries and Classrooms to name a few.


His first position in the district was as Zone Chairperson in 2003. He became the region Chairperson in 2008 before he was first appointed to the District Cabinet as Treasurer in 2009/2010. From the years 2010 to 2015 he held several key positions in the District such as District Consultant – Finance & Lions Ladies Programme where he won the much-appreciated support of the lion ladies. He has also been the District Co-ordinator – Convention, Sight & Conservation, Co-ordinator- Global Leadership Team and District Co-ordinator – Finance. He was appointed as the District Convention Chairperson for 2 consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 before he was re-appointed as the Cabinet Treasurer this year.


In addition to his contribution to the District he has also played a vital role in organising the Conventions of which he has been a part of the Steering Committee for many years. He was appointed as the Chairperson for Publicity and Public Relations in 2009 and undertook the crucial role of Chairperson of Ceremonials for 6 years.


His contribution to Lionism was recognised 6 times as he was awarded International President’s Appreciation Award. He was also named the Most Resourceful Lion of the Year in 2009 and received a letter of commendation from the International President for 2 consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 for his commitment to Lions Club. In addition, he also holds the prestigious certificate of leadership from the International Association of Lions Clubs for participation in Senior Lions Leadership Institute in 2009.


Apart from Lions he extends his services to is Alma Mater and has been the Past Chairperson of the Admissions Board for 7 years and is currently an Advisor to the Admissions Committee in addition to being a member of the Management Advisory Board. He is also, the Vice President of the prestigious Old Boys Union. In addition, he continues to contribute to several other leading catholic schools including Aquinas University, Benedict XVI Catholic Institute of Higher Education and St Peter’s College by being a key member in the Finance Committees. He has been a member of the St Lucia’s Cathedral Parish Pastoral Council for the last 10 years and is also a Member of the De La Salle Asset Committee where he was awarded one of the most prestigious awards for continuous commitment.


He is an active member of the Sri Lankan Association of Printers and has held positions of Treasurer and General Secretary. He was also offered the position of Vice Presidency but turned it down due to his commitments with other service organisations. He was unanimously appointed the President of the Sri Lanka Print Media Academy to help provide training and education to the industry in all aspects of print technology.


He is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – UK, Chartered Global Management Accountant, Fellow Member of Society of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka, Fellow Member of Society of Certified Management Accountants – Australia, Fellow Member of Society of Certified Professional Managers, Member of Project Management Institute and a Certified Business Accountant -The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.


He is married to Roshana Fernando and blessed with two daughters and a son.