District Governor


Shyama was invited to join the Lions movement by her spouse Lion Udaya Silva in the year 2000.

She has served as a member of the board of Directors in her home club L/C of Ragama / Welisara and in several other capacities such as club secretary, bulletin editor and as its president in 2006/07

Lion Shyama served in the cabinet of successive Governors since the year 2004.

She has held many positions such as, District Chairperson Lion Ladies ,District chairperson/district coordinator women membership development, District Chairperson/ Consultant International Relations ,Zone Chairperson, Region Chairperson & Cabinet Secretary

Lion Shyama has been recognized for her contribution and been the receipient of many awards & Appreciations

Lion Ladies District Contest                                          1992/93

Most outstanding District Chairperson                      2004/05
Multiple Gold Star Award- Women membership       2005/06
Best President of the district                                         2006/07                               

Top Five Zone Chairperson in the district                                               2007/08
Region Chairperson’s Excellence Award LCI                                          2008/09
Best Bulletin Editor in the district                                                              2009/10
Best Club Secretary in the district                                                             2010/11

Certificates of Appreciation from many International Presidents & leadership medal from International President 2011/12 Lion

Lion Shyama has also served in every Convention Steering Committee as a member and functioned as:

The Chairperson
Lion Ladies Programme            2000/01
Ceremonial Committee              2006/07
Awards Committee                    2007/08                   
Programme Committee           2009-2012

Lion Shyama has played an integral role in The Lion Ladies Association and its activities since 1990.Her contribution has been not secluded to one area, she has contributed immensely whether it be fundraising ,project implementation, participation in Lion ladies programmes or giving leadership.

As a lion she has contributed magnanimously to signature district projects such as Sinha Sal Sevena, Golden Jubilee Eye Hospital and Kid Care.
She has been successful in obtaining 3 acres of land for preserving endangered trees in the Lions Centennial Dendro Park, a legacy project for the next century.    

Lion Shyama is the first lady to give leadership at the highest level in the district 306B2.She successfully campaigned and was elected to the office of 2nd VDG in the fiscal year 2015/16

Lion Shyama believes that knowledge in lionism is very important for leadership, growth and improvement. She has attended workshops and institutes of LCI, the latest training being the” Faculty Development Excellence Series
Lion Shyama has served as faculty in the leadership programmes conducted by LCI in the ISSAME area.

The third child of Bernard and Stella Perera, Shyama had a secure and loving childhood shared with her two brothers and two sisters. She had her primary education overseas. She believes this exposure has helped her develop relationship skills with people of different colour caste and creed.
She completed her studies at St. Bridget’s Convent, Colombo. The school renowned for producing the first woman prime minister in the world.

Lion Shyama is a regular attendance at International Conventions and events, furthering the purposes of the association.

Lion Shyama is a Director of the Travel Shop (Pvt) Ltd.
Lions Udaya Silva and Shyama are proud parents of three young sons, Taraka, Chamath and Himath who have graduated in business management, IT and Law respectively.